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October 18th, 2008

Popular Screensavers is a screensaver site offering a variety of screensavers, downloadable free of charge with a free toolbar.

Their screensavers are a great addition to any desktop, and are 100% clean (containing zero adware). Popular Screensavers has great-looking screensavers for almost every category imaginable, including:

  • Nature
  • Cars
  • Celebrities
  • Holidays (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s)
  • … and much more!
    • Here’s a sampling of their latest nature screensavers:

      Best of all, no registration is required to download screensavers. You can be getting slick new screensavers for your computer in minutes.

      Check out Popular Screensavers today.

Beachside Mountains Screensaver

February 19th, 2008

Beach and mountains

I’ve always wanted to live in a house on a cliff overlooking the ocean, so I’d be able to wake up and smell the fresh sea salt, and hear the waves crashing around me soothingly. Being so close to nature would definitely change my perspective on life and give me a renewed sense of peace and calmness.

I really do think it’d be interesting to do someday, but for now I made this screensaver which has a few breathtaking images of several mountainous landscapes that clash with the ocean. It’s truly beautiful to behold. This is one of the best screensavers that I’ve made so far.

Try out this screensaver: download here.

Windows Blue Screen of Death Screensaver

February 10th, 2008

Here’s a followup to the Linux Kernel Panic screensaver I posted last week, here’s the Microsoft equivalent (ironically released by Microsoft themselves). This screensaver would be great to use as a prank on your friends. :)

Blue Screen

Kernel Panic Screensaver!

January 29th, 2008

The perfect prank. A kernel panic is basically the most shocking crash that you can get on a Mac. It is Apple’s equivalent to the famed Windows Blue Screen of Death.

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Scenic Vistas Screensaver

January 26th, 2008

Natural beauty

To me, some of the most inspiring sights the natural world has to offer can be found during a scenic hike through snow-capped mountains. The sharp, thin air and glorious clarity of the world below never fails to leave me with a increased sense of gratitude and appreciation for life.

Check out my tribute to mountainous beauty here.

Exotic Cars Screensaver

December 8th, 2007

Ferrari in front of monument

This screensaver is absolutely packed with beautiful high-resolution photos of exotic car makers from Bugatti all the way to Ferrari (as shown in the above screenshot). Nothing below $350,000 MSRP in this one. :)

The cars are pictured in a variety of settings from sophisticated urban backdrops to scenic mountain overviews, and this screensaver is fully customizable with loads of selectable transitions. And as always, 100% free.

Check it out and download exotic cars to your desktop today.

Awesome Mac OS X Screensaver: Soundstream

December 5th, 2007

Here’s another cool screensaver exclusively for Apple-made computers. PC users, tough luck for right now. :)

Soundstream 1.5 consists of a randomly moving particle generator that responds to the sound level picked up by your computer’s microphone. It can also be used as a replacement to the sometimes boring iTunes visualizer.

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